Wildefire by Karsten Knight

How could I not read this book Wildefire by Karsten Knight? Everywhere I looked I kept seeing people gushing about how good it was, so I had to see for myself. We first meet the main character, Ashline “Ash” Wilde on a very bad day. She just found out her boyfriend was messing around on her with another girl. Plus her erratic and volatile sister, Eve, has returned and promises to stir up all kinds of trouble. The situation quickly turns deadly (and I mean that literally) and Ash feels there is no other choice but to run away to a private school and try to start over. There, things start looking up and she has so many things going for her; the past is finally behind her, gone but not forgotten. After a series of strange occurrences, it is revealed to Ash and a few of her fellow classmates that they are, in fact, reincarnated gods and goddesses. As hard as it is to believe, they can’t explain away their unique talents. They are told that they each have a specific task that only they may know about and that it is up to them to save the world. Just when it seems life couldn’t get any more difficult, Eve decides to show back up to cause trouble. Will Ash and her friends be able to fulfill their destinies or will the world be destroyed?

Ash is definitely one tough chick. I like how she’s so sarcastic and witty, refusing to take crap from anyone. I have to admit though, at first Ash’s personality rubbed me the wrong way; she was always acting so tough and sarcastic that it bordered on annoying at times. After a few chapters though I really grew to love her snarky attitude and that’s when my feelings on the book as a whole pretty much changed. There are so many incredible secondary characters that are so important to this book. First we have Ash’s older sister, Eve. Destruction and mayhem usually ensue whenever Eve shows up. I completely understood Ash’s conflicting emotions when it came to her sister. On one hand, Eve always managed to cause a lot of damage or do some evil deed which made Ash hate her. On the other hand, Eve is the only blood family member that Ash has left, since they were both adopted when they were very young. Very big struggle between sticking with family and doing what’s right. Then we have Serena, a blind girl who first alerts the other teens to their real identities; she herself being supernatural, her purpose is to bring all of these people together in hopes of saving the world. There are four other students from this private school who find out that they too are gods/goddesses: Ade, Raja, Rolfe, and Lily. They each have different, spectacular powers and I enjoyed reading about when they first used those powers. Each story was very unique, but I’ll let you read the book to find out for yourself.