The Comeback Cowboy by Cathy McDavid

I actually fell in love with these characters from book The Comeback Cowboy by Cathy McDavid. First we meet Ty, who’s kind of a celebrity on the rodeo scene, but he’s extremely sweet and humble, as evidenced by the fact that he agreed to check out the Cowboy College in the first place. He’s not a jerk at all and not too proud to ask for help. Adele is the woman who runs Cowboy College and Ty is sort of smitten with her right away. She’s a no-nonsense person who can rope just as well as any of the guys in the sport. Her childhood was rough, with her parents divorcing and her mom trying to bed any cowboy that came along; that’s why she swears she would never date Ty. She doesn’t want to be like her mom and she’s not looking for just a short fling. I loved how tough she was, and such a smart businesswoman. I also liked how Ty never gave her any grief about teaching him; he knew this woman would be able to help him figure out what was preventing him from riding and roping to the best of his ability. The only secondary character we see through the entire book is Pop, Adele’s grandfather. I loved him, he may be old but he knows his way around a horse and he gently suggests (or pushes, at times) Adele into doing the right thing…as he sees it anyway. I also liked Ty’s rival, Garth Maitland. Although Garth had taken the win due to Ty’s shortcomings in the big competition, he didn’t rub his face in it. It was nice to see them be competitive, but Ty was able to put his hurt from losing aside to see what a great guy Garth was and that there was no reason they couldn’t be friends (when they’re not roping that is!).

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: First, The Good – Absolutely loved the characters and the story line. As I said, normally I like a little more conflict or action with my romance novels, but maybe I just needed a break from all of the close calls, action sequences, and death. This was just a nice, light romance and it was refreshing to me after some of the depressing books I read. The Bad – I’m disappointed about the cover model for the paperback.

The guy on the cover, while deliciously gorgeous, does not look at all how Ty was described in the book. That was really disappointing to me. I can make up my own yummy images in my mind, but I feel like the cover should have done a better job of trying to match the character. The Ugly – I HATE how the synopsis on the back of the book gives away a major plot point. All I can say is “Why?” You don’t need to give away the whole story to get people to read the book. It annoys me, because this major plot twist would have been really fun to discover on my own, but instead I made the mistake of reading the synopsis first. Major bummer!

Romance Sizzle Or Fizzle?: Oh sizzle! There was definitely sexual tension between Ty and Adele from the beginning, but the romance wasn’t rushed or forced in any way. Adele had her fears about dating anyone, much less a guy that would be away most of the time with the rodeo circuit. It was really sweet to see their relationship bloom and evolve as the story progressed.

Uniqueness Of Plot: Not really all that unique, but that didn’t make me like it any less. As long as you take it for what it is, a nice, light read, you won’t be disappointed.

Final Thoughts: I’m really glad I got the opportunity to read this one. The romance was sweet and not rushed; Adele and Ty made a really cute couple. Although I had some problems with the cover and the TMI (too much information) synopsis, I’m not going to detract from my overall rating because I did enjoy the story a lot. Definitely a nice little romance that anyone could enjoy!