Dangerous Designs by Dale Mayer

I’m not going to do my usual overview on this book Dangerous Designs by Dale Mayer because I think the synopsis does a great job of describing the story without giving too much away. Let’s just jump right into my review!

Character Development: I think the main character, Storey, may be one of my favorite female leads ever. This girl showed almost no weakness; she was strong, determined, and remained calm in the face of danger. Instead of acting helpless and uncertain, she took charge of pretty much every situation, not afraid of her abilities with the stylus. She only yearned to learn more about what she could do with it. I think Eric was a great match for her – even when things seemed hopeless and the council members in his dimension wanted her dead, he stayed by her side and believed in her. When the book starts out, Eric insists that his world is so much more superior and simply believes in everything he’s been told. He really shows growth when he stands up to his father and the rest of the council on Storey’s behalf, arguing that she didn’t know the repercussions of picking up the stylus (which she thought was just an old pencil).

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: First, The Good – I absolutely loved the characters, they were multi-dimensional and it was easy to see them grow as the story progressed. I really enjoyed the entire story line, it felt really fresh and unique and the entire book flowed extremely well. I literally could not put it down! The Bad – I don’t have much bad to say about this book. I would have liked to know more about Eric and his world. From what I can gather it is much like our world, only more advanced since they studied us for many years and learned from our technology. I would have just liked more descriptions about the other dimension (both Eric’s and the one where the enemies, Louer’s, exist). The Ugly – Nothing to say here, really loved this book!

Romance Sizzle or Fizzle? : I would have to say sizzle! It was a slow moving relationship, with Storey more wary of Eric in the beginning than anything, wondering why he was so interested in her and her “pencil”. As she learns about the stylus and the other dimensions, she realizes she needs Eric in order to survive and decides to work with him to try and fix everything. The more time they spend together, the more they are drawn to each other. Their first kiss caught Storey completely off-guard, but that’s all it took for her to realize that maybe she has more feelings for Eric than she thought.

Uniqueness Of Plot: I found this book to be extremely unique. It involved different dimensions, a stylus that is capable of almost anything, and an enemy that, although terrifying, has a tortured past. It was definitely a very refreshing, new YA read.

Final Thoughts: This book was so different than any I’ve read lately and it had me hooked from the beginning. There was a nice balance of action, discovery, and mystery, with a nice bit of romance in there as well. The ending will leave you reeling and I guarantee you’ll be saying “I need book two NOW!”