Book Review Brightwing Review Part 2

I did like the characters, I just didn’t love them. However, I did form enough of a connection with each of them to enjoy this book. I liked the unique storyline, because it truly wasn’t like anything I’ve ever read before. I’ve always been a fan of Native American mythology, so I really enjoyed the different stories told throughout the book. The Bad – I think a spectacular novel has to have a good amount of detail to it, without going overboard. To me, this book had entirely too much detail to the point that I had trouble reading it at times. I understand that the author wanted us to be able to visualize the place Lucy lived, because most of us would not know what it was like to live in the wilderness, basically in the middle of nowhere. Also, since Edgar and Mallory are from the city, a lot of observations were made on their part about their surroundings and how out of place they were in them. It was all just a bit much for me at times, although I did appreciate the author’s attention to detail and helping us be able to visualize the environment.

The Ugly – There is one part that I found extremely disturbing; it was an incident between Mallory and Lucy, and that’s all the particulars I’m going to give, so as not to ruin it for everyone. It’s Lucy’s reaction to this event that I didn’t like and wasn’t able to completely believe. Also, earlier in the book after they carjack Lucy and they get stuck in a small town, Mallory starts shooting everyone in sight and doing something else to one of the victims that is not explained in great detail, just enough so you get the gist of what’s going on.

Lucy is shocked and appalled, so is Edgar for that matter, but she continues on with them; not out of fear, but she doesn’t want to be caught with the stolen jewels. I get that she doesn’t want to be caught with them and she needs them in order to secure the land for the Tequesta tribe, but she had many opportunities to ditch these guys and she just didn’t do it. I know she’s a criminal too, but these two (especially Mallory) were on a whole other wavelength.